St. Augustine, Beach and Ponte Vedra MEDIATION ATTORNEY/LAWYER

As St. Augustine and St. Johns County’s premier mediation center, St. Johns Law Group has a certified circuit court mediator and a certified family law mediator for your case, as well as offering first-class mediation facilities designed for comfort and convenience with the mediation process in mind. From a large conference room with a capacity for 30, to break out conference rooms for the parties and their attorneys each with a large flat screen TV, mini-fridge and snacks, to an over-sized break room, coffee bar, copy and workroom facilities, and comfortable bathrooms, St. Johns Law Group has built a building with your mediation needs in mind.

James Whitehouse is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Court Mediator. James has extensive experience as a civil litigator, including real property and real estate litigation, boundary disputes, construction litigation, residential and commercial real estate transactions, contracts and contract law, residential and commercial lease agreements, landlord-tenant issues and litigation, quiet title actions, business sale transactions, confidentiality agreements, and probate matters. As an attorney Board Certified in Local Government Law, James has the experience to handle mediations of even the most complex of cases and cases involving disputes with a County or Municipality. James is a dealmaker by nature and thrives on helping parties come together in the dispute resolution process.